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Shopping Cart Hero icon

Shopping Cart Hero

Download SWF

Run with the shopping cart and then jump in it and try to fly as far as you can.

Super Mario Star Scramble 2 icon

Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Download SWF

Enjoy this classic Super Mario game. Kill creeps, collect coins and save the Princess.

TG Motocross 2 icon

TG Motocross 2

Download SWF

Drive your motocross through the stages and finish them all. This game has great physics.

Mining truck icon

Mining truck

Download SWF

There are 8 very well designed and interesting levels in this online game. In each of the level of this game, your job is to get the mining truck load

Nodes 2 icon

Nodes 2

Download SWF

Click and drag the nodes and get the laser through all the circles before time expires.

Notepad Invaders icon

Notepad Invaders

Download SWF

Destroy the flying alien vessels before they get too close to you and destroy your defense structures and your ship.

Puzzle farter icon

Puzzle farter

Download SWF

Fly your farting man to the door. Watch out for the leaking gas.

Roly-Poly Cannon icon

Roly-Poly Cannon

Download SWF

Eliminate all the Roly-Polys by burning, drowning or bombing them. Move mouse to increase the power of your shot.

Shadow Factory icon

Shadow Factory

Download SWF

Use your explorer to investigate the planet and collect the information about radiation levels.

Sheepster icon


Download SWF

Jump with your sheep on the apples and go as far up the sky as you can.

Water Werks icon

Water Werks

Download SWF

Spray water from your hose to get the blobs to the safety. You can't spray them directly, spray the scenery instead.

Tower Bloxx icon

Tower Bloxx

Download SWF

Build highest building possible and populate them. You have 2 different playing modes.

Palisade Guardian icon

Palisade Guardian

Download SWF

Defend your home from the invading soldiers. Buy newer and more powerful weapons so you can defeat stronger enemy units.

Warlords Call To Arms icon

Warlords Call To Arms

Download SWF

Your task is simple- get your soldiers to the other side of the map without letting the enemies do the same thing to you.

Yeti Sports Pingu Throw icon

Yeti Sports Pingu Throw

Download SWF

Kick the penguin as far as you can.

Totem destroyer icon

Totem destroyer

Download SWF

Golden idol must not fall on the ground. Remove the blocks and bring down the totems.

Moon Buggy icon

Moon Buggy

Download SWF

Drive your buggy on the surface of the Moon. Pick up astronauts to earn extra points.

Moto Racer Time Trials icon

Moto Racer Time Trials

Download SWF

Race your 3D motorcycle as fast as you can. Race through China or Australia.

Snow plow icon

Snow plow

Download SWF

Drive your snowplow truck and move the snow from the parking to the colored area. Avoid cars.

Rage Rider 3 icon

Rage Rider 3

Download SWF

Race your motorcycle to the finish flag. You will get more points if you finish earlier.

Turbo truck 2 icon

Turbo truck 2

Download SWF

Your aim is to pass all the obstacles and finish the levels. Every next level becomes more and more challenging.

Super Mario Puzzler icon

Super Mario Puzzler

Download SWF

Wario has cut and mixed up Mario's pictures. Help him put the pieces together and do it as fast as possible. Faster you solve the puzzles, more points

Scooby Doo Big Air icon

Scooby Doo Big Air

Download SWF

Test your skating skill on the vert ramp and participate in the Big Air contest. My personal best is 9 000.

War machine icon

War machine

Download SWF

Drive your armed Humvee and kill as much terrorists and their vehicles as you can.

Spider-man City Raid icon

Spider-man City Raid

Download SWF

Use your web to help Spider-man ragdoll fly from one building to another and avoid falling into the abyss.

Spongebob's Kahrathay Contest icon

Spongebob's Kahrathay Contest

Download SWF

Help SpongeBob and Sandy in their Kah Rah Tay fighting practice. Light up three stars over either character and you get to perform one of three specta

Tom and Jerry Refridger Raiders icon

Tom and Jerry Refridger Raiders

Download SWF

Pick between Tom and Jerry and play two different games. If you pick Tom, your goal is to throw water balloons to Jerry and if you pick Jerry, your ta

Run Bolt Run icon

Run Bolt Run

Download SWF

Help Bolt rescue Penny. Sounds easy, but it is not.

Super Mario Moto icon

Super Mario Moto

Download SWF

Drive motorcycle with Super Mario, collect coins and avoid falling.

Parking perfection 2 icon

Parking perfection 2

Download SWF

Park your car in the highlighted space without hitting another vehicle.

Pet wedding dress up icon

Pet wedding dress up

Download SWF

Dress up your cute pets and prepare them for the wedding.

Truck mania icon

Truck mania

Download SWF

Drive your truck carefully and don't let the cargo fall off it.

Rave rider icon

Rave rider

Download SWF

Complete 15 levels full of obstacles. The faster you drive, the more score points you got. Collect bonuses and watch for the danger signs.

Urban stunt icon

Urban stunt

Download SWF

Pick up stars, do overturns and complete levels as fast as possible for maximum score.

Urban crusher icon

Urban crusher

Download SWF

Turn on madness mode and crush the cars standing in your way.

Super parking world icon

Super parking world

Download SWF

Test your parking skills. Park your car as accurately as possible into the marked space. Avoid hitting other cars and obstacles.

Shopping cart hero 2 icon

Shopping cart hero 2

Download SWF

Play the sequel to the popular game where you had to jump as far as possible using your shopping car.

Park master 2 icon

Park master 2

Download SWF

Use your driving skills to complete each tough parking mission. Watch out for tight turns and small parking spaces as you maneuver through each crowde

Offroad madness icon

Offroad madness

Download SWF

Drive your SUV and complete the levels as fast as possible to achieve maximum points.

Mobil 1 Test Driver icon

Mobil 1 Test Driver

Download SWF

Challenge Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in three races.

Park my convertible icon

Park my convertible

Download SWF

The purpose of each level in the game is to park your convertible in the highlighted space without hitting any obstacles. For every finished level, yo

Sonic Lost in Mario World icon

Sonic Lost in Mario World

Download SWF

One day Sonic woke up, jumped in a blue spinning circle and landed to another dimension- it was Mario world.

TG Motocross 3 Australia icon

TG Motocross 3 Australia

Download SWF

Truly classic motocross game with great physics.

Vanessa's naughty pics icon

Vanessa's naughty pics

Download SWF

Get in the role of money-grubbing paparazzi and follow Vanessa where every she goes and try to take best photos of her.

Tails' Nightmare icon

Tails' Nightmare

Download SWF

Explore the world and collect the coins. Watch for the in-game explanation so you can easily play this cool flash game.

The Urban Sniper 2 icon

The Urban Sniper 2

Download SWF

One shot, one kill. No exceptions. Check your missions on the computer, aim carefully and fire! Press space to change modes between lookout and snipe

Zac Efron Dress Up icon

Zac Efron Dress Up

Download SWF

Dress up your favorite actor and singer and prepare him for his date.

Twilight Dress Up Edward icon

Twilight Dress Up Edward

Download SWF

Dress Up the prettiest vampire in the world. I hope Bella will choose him.

Mountain ATV icon

Mountain ATV

Download SWF

Collect jewelry and keep your ATV driver safe while racing on the mountain ground.

Violet Parking icon

Violet Parking

Download SWF

Help Dum Dum provide park service for the restaurant visitors. Be careful when parking and don't hit your vehicle.

Toy Story 3 Marbleous Misson icon

Toy Story 3 Marbleous Misson

Download SWF

Join Buzz, Woody and the gang on an awesome online adventure full of missions, marbles and mayhem.

The bow game icon

The bow game

Download SWF

Test your aiming and shooting skills using bow and arrows. Hit the targets before they come to your side.

Scooby-Doo Graveyard Dash icon

Scooby-Doo Graveyard Dash

Download SWF

Scooby is being chased by a ghost in a creepy cemetery. Lead him out as quickly as possible by helping him avoid the obstacles.

SAS Zombie Assault 2 icon

SAS Zombie Assault 2

Download SWF

Kill the invading zombies before the crush the doors and get you. Rated PG13 for the violence!

Michael Jackson Dress Up icon

Michael Jackson Dress Up

Download SWF

He's the king of pop and deserves to be dressed up properly. Prepare him for the show.

Max Dirt Bike icon

Max Dirt Bike

Download SWF

The aim is the get over all the obstacles in the fastest time possible.

Sunny Difference icon

Sunny Difference

Download SWF

Spot the differences between two pictures before time expires.

Professional sniper icon

Professional sniper

Download SWF

Your are professional killer and you're using your sniper to release stick guys from life. Take your assignment from the computer and accomplish them.

Monster ATV icon

Monster ATV

Download SWF

Drive your monster ATV, watch for your life (you have only three) and collect bonus points.

Run Jerry Run icon

Run Jerry Run

Download SWF

Tom has caught Jerry stealing a block of cheese from the fridge. Help Jerry escape Tom and avoid becoming cats food.

Naughty Classroom icon

Naughty Classroom

Download SWF

This is your chance to fulfill your childhood fantasy! Click on objects around the classroom to make events happen.

Pizza Passion icon

Pizza Passion

Download SWF

Help Papa Pizzazo make the best pizzas ever. Remember, the higher they go, the more pricey they are. Score more by collecting toppigns.

Taylor Swift Makeover icon

Taylor Swift Makeover

Download SWF

Change complete look of this American country pop singer and actress. After changing her style, you can compare it to the old one.

Wheel it icon

Wheel it

Download SWF

Drag and drop gears on green pips and make all the wheels start rolling.

Spiderman Dark Side icon

Spiderman Dark Side

Download SWF

Fly from one object to the another using your web while listening catchy song.

Space Shower icon

Space Shower

Download SWF

Shoot your way through falling asteroids and buy upgrades and defense for your planet

Parking Kings icon

Parking Kings

Download SWF

Park you vehicle in designated area before time expires.

Superman  Metropolis Defender icon

Superman Metropolis Defender

Download SWF

The Daily Planet has gotten news that meteors are going to hit Metropolis. Help Superman smash those meteors before they hit the ground.

Pizza Match Kissing icon

Pizza Match Kissing

Download SWF

Play match maker as you server pizza. Connect right customers and place them on the on the same table.

Skylark 3 icon

Skylark 3

Download SWF

Fly with your plane and shoot the enemies before the get you.

Motocross Outlaw icon

Motocross Outlaw

Download SWF

Drive your bike and complete the level tasks to win! Perform stunts to get more points and fill nitro bar.

Unicorn Robot Attack icon

Unicorn Robot Attack

Download SWF

Help your rainbow unicorn get as far as possible without hitting the objects or falling from the ground.

Rihanna Make Up icon

Rihanna Make Up

Download SWF

Prepare Rihanna for her date, change her style and make her look beautiful.

Parking Mad icon

Parking Mad

Download SWF

Park your mini cooper in the marked area and try not to crash it.

Super Bike Jungle icon

Super Bike Jungle

Download SWF

Drive through the jungle in ten levels as fast as possible. Avoid crashing your bike and try to reach the end of each level.

Sky High Ride icon

Sky High Ride

Download SWF

Race your bicycle to the finish line! Get as high a score as possible by finishing quickly and performing cool tricks along the way.

Street Challenger icon

Street Challenger

Download SWF

Your goal is to hit all of the green cones on each level. Look at the map in the upper left hand corner to find the green ones.

Stunt Biker icon

Stunt Biker

Download SWF

Perform stunts on your bike for the film studios. Pass all the ten levels without crashing.

Max Damage 2 icon

Max Damage 2

Download SWF

Aim on various items found in house and break as many of them as you can and cause maximal damage.

Screw the Nut icon

Screw the Nut

Download SWF

Roll the nut near to the bolt. Click to make it disappear.

Robin the Mercenary 2 icon

Robin the Mercenary 2

Download SWF

Your goal is to kill all your opponents and bring peace in the in Pixeland.

Wolverine M.R.D. Escape icon

Wolverine M.R.D. Escape

Download SWF

Help Wolverine escape from the M.R.D. using nitro's explosions as his cover. Don't get caught.

The Slob icon

The Slob

Download SWF

The world is a psychedelic alien planet, run and jump skill game with personable alien plants, strange creatures and a slug like character.

Tails Cosmic Rush icon

Tails Cosmic Rush

Download SWF

Collect the golden rings and avoid incoming obstacles or you'll lose your life and coins.

Save The Fallen icon

Save The Fallen

Download SWF

You are an army doctor. Avoid falling missiles and help the injured soldiers.

Rhinos Rollerball icon

Rhinos Rollerball

Download SWF

Surmount all the obstacles and help Rhino in finding the Bolt.

Operation Desert Sabre icon

Operation Desert Sabre

Download SWF

Aim of the game is to destroy all the enemies and find the key to the next level.

Military Rush icon

Military Rush

Download SWF

Drive military vehicles and don't crash yourself.

Park a Lot icon

Park a Lot

Download SWF

You are in charge of the parking lot. Your goal is to serve your customers and park the cars.

SpongeBob Dress Up icon

SpongeBob Dress Up

Download SWF

Pick various clothes and dress up SpongeBob

Ninjaman icon


Download SWF

Fight the ninja enemies, use your combat skills to defeat them.

Splash and Dash icon

Splash and Dash

Download SWF

Drive formula, race your opponents and try to win.

Sonic lost in Mario world 2 icon

Sonic lost in Mario world 2

Download SWF

Help Sonic lost in Mario world to survive

SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls icon

SpongeBob Ship O Ghouls

Download SWF

Can SpongeBob brave the horrors of the un-sinking Dutchman?

Park my Boat icon

Park my Boat

Download SWF

Test your boat parking skills.

Simpsons Home Interactive icon

Simpsons Home Interactive

Download SWF

Play Simpsons Home Interactive and explore their house.

Sean Connery Kissing icon

Sean Connery Kissing

Download SWF

Play the role of Sean Connery and kiss the nurses.

SpongeBob Patty Panic icon

SpongeBob Patty Panic

Download SWF

Help SpongeBob make giant burgers by walking over the ingredients.

Super Mario Rampage icon

Super Mario Rampage

Download SWF

Help Super Mario shoot all of his enemies.

SpongeBob Dutchman's Dash icon

SpongeBob Dutchman's Dash

Download SWF

Help SpongeBob and Patrick in rescuing Gary.

Race Choppers icon

Race Choppers

Download SWF

Are you man enough to ride with the West Coast Choppers?

Stark Tower Defense icon

Stark Tower Defense

Download SWF

Build towers to stop the invading enemies!

Vinnies Shooting Yard icon

Vinnies Shooting Yard

Download SWF

Test your shooting skills in this cool shooting game.

Sonic in Angel Island icon

Sonic in Angel Island

Download SWF

Help Sonic find the way and survive on the Angel Island.

Stewie Wednesday Killer icon

Stewie Wednesday Killer

Download SWF

Help Stewie shoot all members of his family.

SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma icon

SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma

Download SWF

Help SpongeBob, famous cartoon character, deliver the ingredients.

Super Mario Sunshine 64 icon

Super Mario Sunshine 64

Download SWF

Help Mario pass all the levels in new adventures of our favorite plumber.

Tarzan Jungle Jump icon

Tarzan Jungle Jump

Download SWF

Help Tarzan in his adventures throughout the jungle.

Moto Madness icon

Moto Madness

Download SWF

Race the opponents and don't run out of time!

Uphill Rush icon

Uphill Rush

Download SWF

Drive various vehicles and get safely to the end of the track.

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